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Practice Your Math started out as a way to help my nephew with his math difficulties. He was having great difficulty with his times tables in Second Grade. His mother had tried several ways to help him improve his studies. Including have him fill out many times tables on paper. None of this helped and he was lagging behind on his math

I realized that the one thing about math that made it so difficult to learn was that it was not fun. So I thought I would help him out and try to make math more fun for him so that he would actually study the subject on his own without Mom forcing it on him.

Since I find the subject of math so vital in today's society, I would like to make it even more fun. I welcome your ideas, comments and suggestions on how to accomplish that. Don't be afraid to tell me what you think of Practice Your Math, the program or the web site. I want to see you get the fun out of math that is there for you to enjoy.

Today my nephew is now pursuing a mechanical engineering degree at a major university. I do not take credit for this. But I do like to think that Practice Your Math was able to help in some small way.